Volunteering for Salfid Rescue

*If interested in volunteering please complete the volunteer sign-up at the bottom of this page.Once submitted you will be contacted by a Salfid team member within 24-48 hours.*
Types of Volunteering

In-house volunteering: 
The dogs that are housed at the kennel need your love! When volunteering at the rescue there are many jobs to be done, including but not limited to: 
•    Cleaning the kennels

•    Letting dogs out to potty and exercise 
•    Poop scooping yards 
•    Taking dogs for much needed walks 
•    Tearing newspaper for puppy pens
•    Folding laundry

Event Volunteering: 
We have events every Sunday and occasionally on Saturdays that rotate between local pet stores. In addition to these events we hold occasional fundraiser events. With that said, we need your help!
Important Puppy Rules: 
•    All puppies must be at least 8 weeks to be adopted. 
•    Puppies must have at least 2 sets of shots in order to be on the ground at events or public places (please ask person in charge of event what is / is not allowed for individual puppies at the event before proceeding)
•    Never allow a child to carry a puppy around for safety reasons 
•    As a volunteer you are to keep a close eye on puppy pens (check for adequate water supply, pick up poo ASAP to prevent pups from stepping in it, helping guests lift pups out of pens and putting them back in.) 


*Volunteers of all ages are welcome to volunteer in-house and at events providing that anyone under the age of 18 is accompanied by an adult volunteer.

Administrative Volunteering: 

There are a lot of behind the scenes administrative tasks that we need help with including but not limited to:


  • Processing Applications

  • Coordinating Events

  • Answering phone messages

  • Replying to emails

  • Planning Fundraising 

  • Foster Coordinator

  • Volunteer Coordinator 

  • Social Media and Website management

  • Filing adoption paperwork




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