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Lilo & Stitch


Breed: Pittie-Corsco Mixes
Age: 4 months old
Sex:1  Female/1 Male
Adoption Fee: $450 

Introducing Lilo & Stitch!


These brindle stunners are 4 months old, currently weigh 22lbs  (Lilo - F) & 25lbs (Stitch - M) pounds, and are Pittie-Corsco Mutt mixes. Mom is a 75-80lb Pittie-Corso mix, dad is a much smaller 30lb all-black mixed breed dog. 

Their foster mom has this to say about them:

"They are love bugs that will cuddle with you during naps and lick your face with love. They are good with our other dogs and curious about our cat. Potty training is still a work in progress but they are getting better."


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