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Breed: Large Breed Mix
Date of Birth:  1/1/24
Sex: Male
Adoption Fee: $450 

Meet Louie!


He is a larger-breed mix with an estimated date of birth as 1/1/24.  He currently weighs 27lbs.


Louie's foster mom has this to say:

"To know Louie is to love him. He’s curious, fun and ALWAYS welcomes hugs and belly rubs. Louie is very food motivated and eagerly sits for kibble. He is working on crate training. He will enter without hesitation but does cry for a few minutes in the morning. During our family dinners, Louie enters his crate and is quiet.


He’s doing excellent with potty training. He’s happiest with people and has proven to be the most gentle boy. He’s currently in a home with two young children who frequently use him as a body pillow. Louie isn’t destructive and is very gentle when exploring using his mouth.


He’s easily redirected to a toy and wants to please his humans. He’s in the car with me for two hours a day and enjoys napping during that time. He’s quite clever and agile - baby gates have proven to be ineffective for the most part; however, if humans are present, Louie will gladly remain within the gated parameters.


He brings endless laughs to my family - especially when he falls asleep in the most awkward positions while receiving belly rubs."


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