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Breed:  Terrier Shepherd Mix
Age:  DOB April 2023
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Adoption Fee: $450 


Pleas help us from having to place her in a boarding facility.

Meet Indy! She is a 1year old Staffordshire/Shepherd mix, and is a lean & muscular 45-50lbs.


Indy was recently diagnosed with heartworm and needs to undergo treatment, part of which is taking medication to help keep her calm. Indy is hit or miss with other dogs, and was never 100% solid with one of the dogs in the current foster home, and since being on medication she has suddenly stopped getting along with that dog. He is an older dog and Indy is becoming sporadically aggressive with him, while still getting along wonderfully with the other resident dog.


Heartworm treatment isn't hard or time-consuming for the foster. She is scheduled for her first injection on July 18th, and will spend the night at the vet, and then a month later she will receive 2 injections on back to back days, also staying over at the vet. During treatment Indy needs to be kept calm. No running, no wrestling/playing with other dogs.


When Indy likes a dog, she REALLY likes them, so rather than try to find a foster home with a dog she's going to want to play & run with, we're hoping to find her a dog-free foster home. This eliminates any issues with her possibly not getting along with a dog, or getting along with it too well.


Indy loves to run around the large yard at her foster's home, so even though a fenced-in yard is normally a big plus, in this case since Indy isn't allowed to run and needs to remain on leash, a non-fenced yard would be perfectly fine. If the yard is fenced in, she would need to remain on a relatively short tether so she can't run/jump.


Please consider fostering or adopting Indy!


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