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Breed:  Terrier Shepherd Mix
Age:  10 months old
Sex:  Female/Spayed
Adoption Fee: $450 

Meet Indy!

She is believed to be about 10 months old.

Her foster mom has this to say:

"She is around 10 months old and is a lean 40 - 45 pounds. I don’t think she will grow much more but could use to put on a few pounds. 


For all those that ask “what is she?”. We had her DNA testing done and you can take a look for yourself. 


Indy is full of energy. With that said she will need an active life style. If she doesn’t use the energy in a positive way she will use it in a way that is not so positive. We currently crate her at night and that works well for her. Anytime we leave the house we crate her but she’s not a big fan of this during the day and would rather snuggle up on a soft chair, so she won’t do well in a household that would require her to spend long periods in one alone. 


She would love a playmate. Indy needs to be matched with another dog that does not care to be alpha. She can have an aggressive play style but a good matchup with another dog would help burn off the energy. 


On the not so good side she is jumpy and mouthy but we are working on reducing this behavior. For this reason I would highly suggest any children in the home be older. She loves to follow you around and when tired cuddles up with you. She started this Sunday Indy started a manners class at High Octane Agility in Colmar. This is a 6 week class. Should Indy find a forever home before the class finishes the new family will finish out the class with her.


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