Breed: long-haired Chi mix
Age: 3 years old
Sex: Male/Altered
Adoption Fee: $450

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ntroducing Peanut, the world's smallest Great Dane! OK, he's actually long-haired Chi mix, but he THINKS he's the size of a Great Dane. Peanut is estimated to be 3 years old, weighs less than 10 lbs, and is neutered. We are looking for a foster or foster-to-adopt home for him.

Peanut is feisty. He's OK with other dogs as long as they stay out of his way, but he has no interest in romping or tumbling with them. He tolerates being held, but does not particularly enjoy it. We're not sure how socialized he was previously, so we're looking for a foster that will understand he's not immediately going to be a "cuddle in your lap" type dog. He is currently in a foster home with several other foster dogs and resident dogs, and has to be crated / given yard time on a rotating basis, so once he's able to be part of a family, he may realize that human affection is a pretty good thing. Until he is more socialized, we feel he should be in a home that has no kids, or kids who are old enough to leave him alone. Cats are unknown.

Peanut LOVES to run and chase cars along the fence of the yard. Ideally his new foster (or adoptive) home would have a securely fenced-in yard where he can zoom around to his heart's content.