Breed: Lab mix
Age: 6 years
Sex: Female/Altered
Adoption Fee: $450

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Menina is a sweetheart, who pours her heart out to you every time she sees you. Like most dogs, she has a good amount of energy and needs to exercise every day… more than a quick potty walk. She values a good run, hike, or long walk daily, which she balances with warm snuggles and stretching her hind legs out to bask in the sun. She’s a good listener and eager to please; therefore, she wants a strong human leader who is going to be attentive to her needs and give clear and consistent direction. Without proper exercise, leadership, and direction, she can be a handful. She’s a strong dog on a mission to live a full life. Being cooped-up in house and confined inside for long periods of time will result in hyper-anxious energy that rouses barking and negative behaviors (FYI—this is the case for most dogs!).

This is the third time Menina is in search of her forever home. To ensure she finds the right one this time, we will be selective in our “human criteria” and her dog trainer is offering free “transition training” sessions to be conducted within the first two weeks of her FTA (foster to adopt) trial period.

Like they say, third times a charm!

My Best Qualities:

• Zest for life

• Super sweet and all-knowing

• Loves to snuggle

• Highly intelligent

• Easily trainable (know basic training commands—sit, down, stay, focus, come, leave it, paw)

• Wants to please

• Good with strangers (men/women/children)

• Potty trained!

• Crate trained!

• Calm inside

• Minimal separation anxiety

• Really awesome running partner and outdoors adventurer

Personal Needs:

• Daily exercise (I need to run and play!)

• A good dose of attention

• An emotionally strong leader

• Consistent direction/enforced rules

• Quite/personal time (does well with kids, but best suited for a home without toddlers)

• Selectively dog and cat friendly—proper intro required (lived with cat and dog in the past)

• Food/toy management around other animals

Self-Improvement Goals:

• Less pulling on leash – currently working on “heel”

• Not getting so excited when I pass other dogs – currently working on “leave-it

• Shedding a few pounds

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl please apply below.