Adopting a Salfid Dog



What are your adoption fees?

Puppies (under 1 year) : $325.00 and $50 spay/neuter deposit

Adults over 1 year: $250

*Exceptions when running a special.


What is the adoption process?

The first step in the adoption process is to fill out our online application. Once that is received we will review and get back to you within 3-5 days with our final decision. If approved, the next step will be to set up a meet and greet. If you list an existing vet, please be sure to call them prior to submitting your application and give us permission to speak to them. We DO NOT HOLD any dog for any reason. We work on a first come, first serve basis. We take Cash, Check or Credit for our adoption fees, any credit transactions come with a $10 processing fee.


Can we adopt if we live out of state?

Yes, we do out-of- state adoptions. However, certain dogs require a home that is closer to the rescue. We reserve the right to deny a dog for this reason.

When adopting from out-of-state, we do require you to make all trips to and from the rescue for any reason. We will not transport the dog to you.


Are there restrictions to adopting a Salfid rescue dog?

We do not have any set restrictions. However, we will use our experience to determine if a dog is the right fit for your home. If we feel the dog you are interested in does not fit, we will try and direct you to a different dog, where possible.


How long does the adoption process take?

As an all-volunteer rescue, we do try and keep up as best we can with the volume of adoption applications. We also know that dogs/puppies benefit greatly from a permanent home environment. With that said, we try to review applications within 48-72 hours. Once approved, a meet and greet is set up at the potential adopters’ earliest convenience. As long as the dog is ready to go (examples: appropriate age & cleared by the vet), he/she can be adopted at the meet and greet. Most adoptions take 1-2 weeks.


Do you guarantee size, breed or temperament of a Salfid Dog?

We do not guarantee size, breed or temperament. Anything listed is our best guess as most dogs come in as strays or owner surrenders prior to coming to Salfid. 


Do we need to spay or neuter?

Yes we require all of our puppies to be spayed by the age of 6 months old, we require a $50 deposit with any dog who is not already fixed when they are adopted which will be refunded when we are provided with the certificate from the spay/neuter surgery. We WILL NOT adopt any of our dogs into a home with unaltered animals.


What do we do if we are having issues or can no longer keep our dog?

Salfid will accept any dog back into our care at any time, with certain exceptions. You will be required to fill out an owner surrender form to officially surrender the dog back into our care. Adoption fees are refundable within 2 weeks of the adoption date. After that time, any dog returned will be taken back into our care, but you forfeit the adoption fee.



Fostering a Salfid Dog



What does it mean to foster?

Fostering means caring for a dog until he/she is adopted to their forever home. Salfid will pay for food, supplies and medical bills while in foster care. Dogs benefit greatly from being in that home environment prior to being adopted out. As a foster, you will play a great part in preparing them for their new home. In the case of our older dogs, fosters must commit to bringing their foster dog to at least 1 event per month.


What if my foster needs to go to the vet?

If you feel like there is something wrong with your foster, please notify a Salfid team member. All vet appointments will only be made after gaining approval from a Salfid team member. Once an appointment is made, if you are able to take your foster yourself, we welcome you to do so. If you cannot for whatever reason, please let us know so we can arrange someone else to get him/her there.


What if I need to go out of town while fostering?

We understand life does not stop when you foster. If you need to go out of town, please notify a Salfid team member ASAP so we can arrange for alternative lodging for your foster while you are away.


Can I adopt my foster dog?

All adoptions must be done through the official Salfid process. Any potential adopter must fill out an application, which will be reviewed by a Salfid team member. Once an approval is garnered, a team member will notify you and you may set up a meet and greet to finalize the adoption. Generally, fosters are given first 'dibs' on their foster dogs.



Re-homing a pet


Does your rescue take pets an owner can no longer care for?

Salfid will take owner surrenders on a case-by-case basis. Our ability to take in an owner surrender is dependent upon kennel/foster space, financial ability, health, etc.







In what ways can I donate to Salfid?

There are SO MANY ways to donate to our cause! Visit the Donate section on our website, www.salfidrescue.org, for more information.

  • Monetary donation through Paypal:

  • Supplies, food, etc. through our Amazon wishlist:

  • Barkbox – get a monthly box of toys and treats for your pup! Sign up at:

  • Want some goodies for yourself and your canine pal? Visit Dog Park Publishing:

  • Are you a coffee lover? Try Grounds4Good!

  • Do you and your dog love walks? Download the Walk for a Dog app!

  • Do you love doing your shopping online? Sign up through iGive to have part of your purchase donated back to Salfid!

  • Donate your time! Salfid could always use volunteers to help out at adoption events and around the kennel. Email us at for more information!

  • Salfid could always use blankets, puppy food (canned and dried – Purina Puppy Chow), etc. Contact a Salfid team member for specifics!

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