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Adoption fees : 

Under 1 year : $325 + $50 refundable spay/neuter deposit

Over 1 year - $250

Foster to Adopt Program


When adopting an adult dog, Salfid allows and encourages potential adopters with approved applications to foster the dog they are interested in for 2-3 weeks as a trial period before deciding whether or not the dog is a good fit for their home. We do not allow this trial program for puppies unless there are special circumstances.



7 year old Bogey is looking for a new home! His owners of 6 1/2 years had to move and could not take Bogey with. He is very upset being left behind. It is apparent his owners let Bogey rule the roost so he needs a dominant owner to teach him boundaries and rules. He is people friendly and can be dog tolerant, but ideally should not live with children who are not dog savy and who will not respect his space. Bogey will need a very patient foster or forever home as a lot has changed for him recently and he does not understand. He will need at least 2-3 weeks to adjust and warm up to new people, places, and doggie friends. He is housebroken and crate trained. He is also neutered and micro-chipped!




Welcome Crystal our gorgeous Maremma Sheepdog. This sweet baby came from a farm down south where she was being used as a livestock protector. Since, we have learned Crytsal seems to actually enjoy being indoors much more than outdoors. She likes being in a safe spot, like a designated area, crate, or room. She is 1.5 years old and looking for a foster home or forever home. Crystal is shy but extremely sweet! She is still working on her leash skills as she was never walked on one before but is doing well!. She keeps her kennel clean however we do not believe she has every lived in a home. Crystal came in with her sister Maggie and although they were not bonded, Crystal looked to Maggie for confidence. Maggie has since been adopted. She could possibly learn from other dogs how to trust and be a normal happy dog. Crystal is considered a flight risk as she is easily startled so we are being cautious about the home she may be placed in.




Meet Dee! 

Dee originally came to us December 1st, 2018. She was adopted for some time but was returned to us June 29th, 2019 as the former family was not a good fit for her. She is now looking for a new home! Dee is a very happy hippo, as the volunteers like to call her. She is a short, but round pittie mix. She is very strong but absolutely loves everyone especially children. Dee is housebroken and leash trained although as stated, she is very strong and could use some help learning not to pull. She loves to run around and play but she is reaching mid age at 5 years old now so she tires out quickly. She is selective about her doggie friends but with an experienced dog owner, could do very well with another dog in the household. She has not been cat tested but did well with all the farm animals who were stationed next to us one day at the event! Dee is spayed and UTD on vaccinations. 




Howdy from Drake! Our sweet senior who we pulled from ACCT a few weeks ago is loving his new foster home. He is roughly 9 years old, fully house broken, dog friendly, cat friendly, and kid friendly. He enjoys anything that involves being with his humans, especially cuddling. He doesn't move around like his fellow young pups anymore but he sure offers enough cuddles to make up for it. He needs an owner who can be patient with him as he is losing his senses and due to being paralyzed in half his face, he is a a little bit of a sloppy eater. He would make the perfect family dog for any family.




Meet our very pretty girl Karma. She is a 5 years old terrier mix. She’s very people, dog and cat friendly but would do best with a dominant and/or experienced dog owner. She would do best in a home with older children who know how to respect her space!  She lived most her life on an army base so she is very well rounded but she will need time to adjust to a new home as it has been tough for her adjusting to losing her former family. She is very sweet and loving. She is a decent leash walker and playful gal. She is looking for a foster home or forever home.


From Kaylee's foster: She is doing great off leash! She has come so far from her previous neglectful owners. She knows basic commands: sit, stay, and lay down. Salfid volunteers continue to work on her leash manners, as she likes to pull a little. She absolutely loves everyone! Loves to chase a four wheeler, loves car rides and is crate trained. Kaylee is dog, cat, and kid friendly. She is spayed and UTD on vaccinations. She will need to be on a lifetime prescription food and medication for a severe food allergy.

Kaylee came to us March 25th as an owner surrender. A good Samaritan saved her from severe neglect. She was 15-20 pounds underweight, had a double ear infection, severe skin infection, and had open sores from scratching and itching. Since then, Kaylee has gained all her weight back, her ear infections cleared up, and her skin is almost completely healed! We believe she may have a food allergy which is what caused the initial skin irritation. As far as her personality though, she is an awesome dog. She is an all-around perfect family dog. She is roughly 2 years old, housebroken, dog friendly, people friendly, cat friendly, and just the overall sweetest and goofiest dog. She is looking for a forever home.

Must be only pet



I'm Lola! I am a 2 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix. I arrived at Salfid 2.18.19 as an owner surrender. A good Samaritan saved me from a not so friendly situation but due to having multiple animals of her own I could not stay with her. My friends here at Salfid say I need a few minutes to warm up, but once I trust you I will come up to you on my own. Once given a slow introduction to people, I am very loving and friendly. However, I do not get along well with other animals. I am dog selective; I need to be adopted by a family where I am the only pet in the home. I am an active pup, preferring an active home or a fenced in yard for me to run my energy out. I love playing fetch, but I haven't fully grasped the idea of giving the ball back yet. I also enjoy toys and chew bones! I need a little reinforcement regarding potty training since I have been living in a kennel, but I learn quickly. If you think you can give me the love I deserve, please consider filling out an application for me today!

From Lola's former foster:

She's doing really well with having no accidents in the house but we have been taking her out every hour since she doesn't gives us any signals that she needs to go out. She is very cuddly and loves to be right by your side, on the couch or on the bed. She also loves car rides and she walks great on leash. She is very quite too, we have barely heard her bark. She hasn't chewed anything but she likes tennis balls. Loud noises seem to scare her so we are working on her confidence. She is a tad more distant with males than females though so we have been working on positives experiences with men.


Menina is looking for her forever. She came to us in May 2015, was adopted, but then returned as the former family could no longer keep her. She has been back with us since September 2019.  The best possible fit home for her would be a home that could include other dogs given a proper meet and greet because she can be picky about her doggie friends. However, she loves any age humans! She is the absolute sweetest, loves to play, loves to cuddle, and is housebroken! She is great on leash and is a volunteer favorite to hangout with. She is approximately 4 years old and is a lab mixed breed with very short stubby legs. She is spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations.


Momma looking for a home to call her own!
NIkki is a 2 year old Border Collie Mix. She came to us with her puppies 4/12/19. Her pups have all found a home, so now it's her turn! She is super people friendly and loves kids but would do best with no other pets in the house. She is very active so she would need a family who can play with her and/or a fenced in yard to run out her energy! She is spayed and micro-chipped. She is in desperate need of a foster home so we can learn more about her and she can start learning what it is like to live in a home. It would also increase her chances of finding a forever home!




Ralphie is a sweet, adorable Corgi mix who deserves a loving home where he feels safe. He was treated for heart worm from May through July and was recently neutered. He is house trained and very sweet and mellow, though he feels uncomfortable around most young children, which sometimes make him aggressive, so a home without children would be the best place for him. Ralphie has not shown any destructive tendencies in his foster home. He loves to take walks, though he's not really into playing fetch. He loves sniffing around for rabbits and squirrels outside. He's not comfortable with all other dogs and we have not seen him around cats yet.  Ralphie loves being attached to one person and wants to be close to them - he loves to snuggle (though he doesn't show signs of separation anxiety when his person has to leave).  He would make a great companion for a family without children!


Tesla is approximately 2 years old and she is a pit bull mix who is currently living in a foster home. She loves other dogs and young children. Tesla needs controlled meets with new people, learning that she can trust them. She often  barks and growls at new people, but quickly bonded with her foster family. She seems much more comfortable with men than woman. Her foster family is working closely with a trainer to work on better manners with new people. She is very intelligent and obedient. Multiple meet and greets would be a must prior to taking this sweet girl home, but if you ask her foster mom, it would be totally worth it. Tesla wants a home where the people understand that she needs time before you reach in to pet her. Your patience will pay off quickly and you will see that she really is a love bug. From her foster mom "Tesla truly is an amazing dog. She knows sit, stay, lay down, off, watch me, and my favorite is move since she is always laying at my feet while I cook. She loves water she is wonderful with kids."


Tucker is still looking for a forever home. He was returned to us after we became aware that his past owners weren’t treating him very nicely and he wasn’t happy in the home. His foster mom however speaks very highly of him. This was her response to us checking in on him the other day.

“Tucker is doing very well. He is very high energy and needs to learn some manners but he is such a sweetheart. He sleeps in his crate with the door open in his room. He dragged the dog bed into his crate the other day. He is very smart. I would recommend he goes to experienced Pitbull / big dog people in an active house. He loves to play but we’re also working on being calm. He gets along great with my dog Chino, they like to rough play in the backyard. He would do best with other big dogs because of his size. He is housebroken but does like to chew so we give him a lot of toys and bones to keep him occupied but he’s a big puppy who’s still learning. He is very intelligent and eager to please.”




Beautiful Tulip. She is a 2 year old pit bull mix. Poor Tulip was found running the streets of Philadelphia with an injured hind leg. She was brought into ACCT Philly shelter and that’s when Salfid decided to step in. We knew Tulip could not get the medical care she needed at the shelter, therefore, we pulled her and took her directly to our vets’ office. Turns out, Tulip has a nasty fracture in her hind leg. We had Tulip's leg repaired and she is on her way to recovery. The staff and volunteers have noticed that Tulip is just a happy pup who wants to play and be loved. Tulip seems to like puppies but can be selective about her adult dog friends so one or multiple proper meet and greets are required. She should not be in a home with cats as she does like to chase them.


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