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Breed:  Border Collie Mix
DOB: 8/20/22
Sex: Female/Spayed
Adoption Fee: $450 


Please help us from keeping her in a Kennel facility.

Meet Dixie! She is a little under 2 years old, is spayed, HW-negative, and weighs about 40lbs. She is a Border Collie & Australian Shepherd mix.

Dixie was adopted from us last month, but sadly she needs a new home. After much thought and hard work her adopter has decided that it is best for Dixie to be an only dog in the household. They have been working with her for about a month now and unfortunately her unpredictable lash outs to their other dog (13 yo male dog) are not getting better.

Dixie is dog selective. She will get along with the resident dog when she wants to. Sometimes her lashing out is provoked, but not always. The adopter’s other dog can be just walking past her and she will go after him. She did the same thing with her original foster's dog, but we just assumed it was because he’s a young, large dog who doesn’t understand personal space and was being annoying. But we’ve come to realize Dixie just doesn’t want to share her home with another dog. Dixie also cannot be with cats.

That said, Dixie is an amazing dog! She LOVES every human she meets regardless of their age or size! She knows basic commands and walks beautifully on a leash. She is completely house trained and loves to snuggle!


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