Breed: terrier mix
Age: 4 months
Sex: Male
Adoption Fee: $450 for both

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BREED : Lab/Hound Mix

AGE: 18 weeks

LIKES: Everyone! Dogs, cats all people young and older

Walks, toys, naps, playing, lots of treats

I don't know what more people could ask for in a lil pup, Taco is so friendly towards everyone he meets, he is very smart & just loves to be by his people. He is extremely food motivated which is making training easier, he knows the sit & the down command and just started giving his paw in exchange for tasty treats. Taco is having a little bit of a hard time fully grasping potty-training because of the UTIhe had but is getting better every day, having less & less accidents each day. Like any puppy he loves to play with people, toys & other dogs but also loves his nap time, especially when he can snuggle up on the couch or a cozy dog bed. He has met our cat & is curious of him but never has he been aggressive towards him in any way. Taco doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is fine to sleep in a crate at night & also while he is home alone. Overall he is a great dog who just wants to make someone happy with his presence!

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