Breed: Pit Bull/Shepherd mix
Age: 7-8 months

Sex: Female/Altered
Adoption Fee: $450

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Stevie ia a 7-8 month old female Pittie/Shepherd Mix with lots of puppy love to share. She was a little scared and shy at first, but now she's great at pretty much everything.
Stevie love car rides, especially rides to the park for long walks. She is wonderful on a leash. Stevie has learned "no" and "sit" and "crate" and  isworking on "lay down" and "paw". She is housebroken and crate-trained. When her family is out of the house she go into my crate for a treat, and also sleeps in my crate quietly all night! Stevie currently lives with two small children, who she likes to play with and give gentle kisses to. Stevie likes to snuggle on the floor next to the couch, or next to a human if they'll let her!
Stevie really enjoys running around a fenced-in yard, and she is super fast! She likes playing with the other dogs in her house; and she also lives with two cats, who she is curious about but can't seem to catch. Would you like to be Stevie's forever family?