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Breed: Terrier Mix
Age: 5-6 year old
Sex: Female/Spayed
Adoption Fee: $450 

Meet Kona!


She was adopted from us 4 years ago, and is 5-6 years old. Her owners want to return her.

They have another dog, and while away on vacation, Kona & the other dog got into a fight resulting in injuries to the other dog.

We were told:

"We were away on vacation and while we were gone, the two got into a fight. The two have never been in any kind of aggressive altercation like this before. They've nipped at each other over food or a toy, but never any growling or biting, and most definitely not an injury.


The only obvious potential reason for the fight was that they were confined in a small space together for longer periods of time than normal. But they've shared that same space every time we've gone anywhere for the last 4 years and there's never been a problem before to our knowledge. We have 3 small children in our home and are unwilling to risk their safety in the event that something like this were to happen again and they are around."


We're going to be as diplomatic as possible about this. We do not agree with the grounds for which they want to return her, but the bottom line is that they are unwilling to keep her now, and this dog needs a new home to go to.

This is what they have to say about Kona:

"She is very sweet, timid at first, and then very friendly and wants tons of love once she's comfortable. She is almost immediately comfortable with women, and it takes more time to become comfortable with men.


She barks at people, but we have never seen any type of aggression towards people. Kona is such a sweetheart and just wants security and love. She's a great dog for the right family, we just aren't that family anymore".


We do not feel that Kona needs to be an only dog due to one isolated incident in 4 years, but obviously a dog meet would be required. She has never been with cats. Kona is due for an annual vet visit & vaccinations, which we would include with her adoption.


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