Breed: Lhasa Apso mix
Sex: Male/Altered
Adoption Fee: $450

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

McKinley’s ideal home would be a single woman, retired or works from home, who can give him round the clock attention and doesn’t travel often. He loves to snuggle and play and is heavily attached to “his person.” He also loves squeaky toys and carries them around everywhere he goes. He would do best with no cats, no kids, no men, and no regular visitors. Also, no other dogs is preferred but he can coexist with submissive dog similar in size or slightly larger. He must go to a home with experience handling aggressive dogs; applications who have not had first hand experience with aggressive dogs of their own will not be considered. McKinley will never be a dog who can happily visit with strangers or spend extended periods in a public setting. His life prior to coming to us set him up to fail and was not the friendliest. Although he’s come a very long way he does have his issues and quite the attitude. Please consider adopting a different dog if you are not willing to put the time in to help him thrive in your home. He will more than likely require a trainer to help his transition and will need weeks, if not months, to fully adjust to your lifestyle. We are asking he stays within an hour of his foster to help his transition and to provide any support he may need. Once he is used to his person and adjusted he is the best snuggle buddy and companion one could ask for. He loves fetch; he’s manageable on a leash outside in quiet areas and loves to walk; he sleeps through the night and is a personal bed warmer, once you get past the snoring that is. He truly is a fantastic dog once you get past his tough demeanor.


MEDICAL ISSUES TO BE AWARE OF: Chronic eye irritation, inflammation and dry eye - requires lifelong medication twice daily and cleaning of eyes two to three times a day at minimum. Chronic ear infections and inflammation - requires lifelong daily cleaning and potentially regular medications for flareups. Seasonal allergies - requires twice daily oral allergy medication during flare-\ups (spring through fall). Severe separation anxiety - currently on medications to help him cope; does not handle periods more than two hours away from “his person.”


BEHAVIORAL ISSUES TO BE AWARE OF: First and foremost is that McKinley hates strangers. All sizes, ages, and colors. He without a doubt has a “bite first and ask questions later” kind of attitude. He does generally give a slight growl as a warning but he will lunge and grab a hold of any body part he can grab. He does resource guard - water and dry food are usually hit or miss with people. Bones, wet food, and chews are more valuable to him and he will charge to “protect them”. His squeaky toys are his highest valued item. He has crossed a room to remind someone it’s HIS toy and his attitude certainly shines through most when he has his favorite toy. He also has severe separation anxiety which has made potty training extremely difficult. He will urinate out of panic and stress from being alone and if left for more than a few hours he will also poop inside and usually manages to step in it - he is not one of those dogs who is shameful of walking in his business to stay clean. He also does not handle being crated very well and has destroyed numerous crates attempting to get out.