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Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Age:  about 10 years old
Sex: Male/Neutered
Adoption Fee: $450 

Meet Windom! 💙 He is estimated to be 10 years old and was surrendered to a shelter when his elderly owner had to move into a facility that doesn't allow dogs. Don't let this age scare you away, Windom still has lots of love to give.


His foster mom has this to say:

“Windom is an awesome little guy. Despite being an older gentleman, he has plenty of energy, is very smart and has shown himself to be very adaptable. Windom has adjusted to life in our house with another dog and cat very well, and will fit right in at a house with other dogs and cats. He will get very attached to his primary person. Ideally he would be the perfect animal for anyone in the need of a support animal to always be by their side. 


Windom had his life turned upside-down, and therefore, he can get just a little nippy if he feels threatened. This is easily handled with a calm soft voice, but for this reason he’d do best in a house with no small children. The great thing about Windom is even though he attaches so highly to a primary person, he is friendly with everyone and will bond to others in the family as well. 


He is very social and cry if he is left alone or if he cannot find anyone. The upside of this is that he has great recall and will come quickly and happily when called. He loves taking walks and cuddling up equally well and is a great companion dog, sleeping at the bottom of the bed. He is an awesome smart guy who deserves a person who is looking for their new “best friend.”


Windom is scheduled for a dental procedure on May 22nd, which would be included with his adoption.

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