Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
Age: 11 months

Sex: Female
Adoption Fee: $450

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Hi, this is Mocha! Mocha is a female chocolate lab mix around 11 months old. She is the cuddliest snuggle bug you will ever meet!

Mocha loves to chase tennis balls, but will also lay with you on the couch all day. She really enjoys her stuffed toys! She can chew on them all day but is always gentle so they don’t rip apart. Mocha is very smart; she learned SIT, DOWN, and SHAKE all in one day! She is super friendly to every person she meets. Mocha plays really nicely with her doggie friends after she gets some time to warm up to them. She would love to be a part of your family and share her snuggles and kisses.

Mocha came up from Tennessee a few weeks ago. We were told Mocha was pregnant, but she was not. However, we believe she recently had a litter - even though she is still a puppy herself. She unfortunately tested Heartworm positive but she is ready to begin treatment to get rid of the nasty worms.

Mocha's foster mom lives in the Poconos so we are searching for a new foster - or even better would be a foster-to-adopt home where she would be more local to the veterinarian to do her Heartworm treatment. It will require at least 3-4 visits over the period of several months so please know that she will need rides to and from.

Mocha is looking forward to meeting her new family! Is it yours?