Breed: Border Collie mix
Age: 1 year
Sex: Female/Altered
Adoption Fee: $425


Peaches came to us from Tennessee back in early May. She is approximately a one year old Border Collie who was an owner surrender with two other dogs. She weighs approximately 30 pounds. She and the other dogs had not been able to herd the animals on the farm per the prior owner.
Peaches has been in a Foster-to-Adopt Home where she went soon after arriving in PA. She is very loved in her current foster home but is having a difficult time adjusting to the men in her current home as well as teenage boys. We have suspicions that she may not have been treated very well in the past prior to coming as she is very fearful and shy at times. She needs a dominant female human who can help her get used to any men who may also be in the home. She will need to learn to trust men and although her foster dad loves her she is very unsure still. Lots of patience is needed, more so if there will be men in her forever home. She loves to run and play with her toys and amuses her self. She has learned basic commands. She gets along well with other dogs and seems to enjoy learning from them. She would flourish in a home with a dog-friendly dog. We have seen her do well with children but she would need children who respect her space until she is ready to bond with them. She did not herd her animals but this is in her genes and she may want to herd children, and she is not always sure how to go about it gently and can get nippy. She will do much better in an environment that does not have constant activity in and out. She needs to bond with her few people and get used to them prior to being in a large social situation as these situations are very overwhelming for her. She needs a lot of love and a lot of patience. Her optimal home would have a fenced-in yard as she has not completely grasped the idea of going to the bathroom while on a leash. She has a doggy door and fenced in yard where she lives now and does great with both, as she enjoys being outside.

She has anxiety about getting into a car; hopefully with patience she will get used to travelling.

If you are interested in Peaches please apply below.

Peaches is waiting for her forever people !


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