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Juniper (Juni)


Breed: Staff Mix
Age: 8 months old
Sex: Female/Spayed
Adoption Fee: $450 

Meet Juniper!

Juniper (Juni) is an 8 month old sweet, Staffie mix. She was adopted from us back in June, but sadly must come back due to a drastic change in the family's living arrangements.


Her mom has this to say:

"Juni loves snuggling, tug games with her stuffies, playing catch with her tennis ball, sunbathing, and stopping to smell flowers on walks. Every morning she greets all 6 of her family members with full body wiggles and kisses.


She’s fully house trained. She’s crate trained and will sleep in her crate but would rather sleep with you. She’s like clockwork for bedtime, sleeping from 9 pm to 5:30 am. She knows all the basic commands and even gives paw - anything for a treat!


She likes to watch Bluey with the kids and is good with children. However, she should be supervised w/children because she’s still learning how to manage her playful exuberance with them. Things she’s still working on: not pulling on walks, not jumping up when saying hello, and some reactivity barking (but we moved from a rural area to an urban area - so it’s been an adjustment for her).


She’s not an excessive barker overall but she’ll let you know when someone knocks or the mailperson is outside. She would do well with a big backyard where she can show off her speed. If she’s with other dogs, it’s best she's fed separately, as she has shown some resource guarding. But she loves playing/running with her dog friends.


We all love her so much and it’s breaking our hearts to return her to Salfid. But due to loss of our home and our new living situation not being spacious enough for Juni to live her best life, we’ve had to make this difficult decision. We’re praying Juni finds a family that will match the love and joy she will bring to their lives."


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