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Breed: Feist Mix
Age: 1 year old
Sex: Female/Spayed
Adoption Fee: $450 


Introducing Summer.


She is believed to be a Feist mix, and is estimated to be a little over a year old. Summer had puppies back in July, and it's time for her to move on and start the next phase of her life now that the puppies have weaned.


Her foster mom has this to say:

"Summer has been with our family for about 2 months. It takes some time and patience to earn her trust, but when you do, she will be your best friend. Summer is not the kind of dog to play with toys or chase a ball, but she loves to snuggle and be petted. She is only 21 lbs, and once you have earned her trust she loves to be carried around.

Summer would probably do best in a home without dogs, or a home with quieter, calmer dogs. She has had a rough life and was found pregnant on the streets of Alabama. So, understandably, she has some food aggression with other dogs and should be fed separately. She is still quite fearful, so you will need to introduce her to new things slowly.


Summer has the ability to be an amazing dog with the right family who has the time and patience to work with her. You will be greatly rewarded once you earn her trust. She is a beautiful dog who just needs love and understanding."


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