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Breed:  Catahoula mix
DOB:  Approximately 12/2023
Sex: Female/Spayed
Adoption Fee: $450 

*Special Needs Dog*

This beauty is Sugar! She is about 6 months old.

Her foster mom has this to say:

"Our family is so happy to have been able to foster Sugar. She came to us from Tennessee, with 2 of her sisters. These girls were the saddest pups I have ever seen. There is no telling what their early days were like, but it was easy to tell it was certainly not ideal.


Sugar was very fearful and skittish initially, but she has come a long way. We learned early on that this sweet baby is deaf. It was pretty easy for us to tell, because we currently have 2 deaf rescues. We started right away with simple sign training. She is amazing and picked up so quickly. Sugar is perfect in her crate. I make her a kong and do the sign for "sleep" and she runs right in! She is perfect with everyone she meets, but she especially loves playing with dogs! The more the better! I think she might be sad if she were to go to a home without a furry friend to play with and learn from.

Sugar is on the smaller size. At 6 months, you can still pick her up and hold her. Her breed is uncertain, although the vet thinks she my have Catahoula in her. She is also potty trained. We have bells on our back door and our dogs have taught her to use them!


Please don't let her deafness deter you. She is so special. I will be happy to teach you simple signs and give you ideas on how to make life with a deaf dog run smoothly."


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