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Juniper & Charlotte


Breed:  Hound/Labrador mix
DOB:  12/8/2023
Sex: Females/Spayed
Adoption Fee: $450 

Introducing Juniper & Charlotte!


Their DOB is 12/8/23, so they're about 6 months old. They are big girls.  Based on very similar-looking dogs we previously adopted-out, we're guessing Hound/Lab mix. 

Their foster mom has this to say:

”Juniper is a bundle of energy and full of personality. She loves people so much that she just wants to try and climb in their laps. She has no idea she isn’t lap dog sized!


Juniper loves running after her ball and she particularly loves her toy Squirrel, who will be traveling to her new home with her. Juniper is crate trained and rarely whines in the crate. She is working on house training and has not had an accident inside recently.


Juniper  & Charlotte do everything with full energy.  They plays hard, run hard, and love hard. Juniper is working on learning not to jump up at people because she is just so excited to see everyone she meets! She’s a silly girl who loves to snuggle behind you when she’s sleeping on the couch after a long afternoon of playing in the yard. Her favorite place to nap is by her person. If she can’t sit in the chair with you, she will lay under or behind you.

Charlotte is more laid back and loves to cuddle.  If you let her she will sit on your lap."


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