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Breed: Bulldog Mix
Age: 5-6 year old
Sex: Female/Spayed
Adoption Fee: $450 

Introducing Piggie!

Momma Piggie is a 5-6 year old spayed bulldog mix. She is around 45lbs and might only gain another couple to fill out a bit. She’s very short and stocky like your typical bulldog. She has had a rough couple months . . . she came to us pregnant in early Nov, her belly doubled in size in the month before giving birth and she was 70lbs the day she had the pups. She needed an emergency c-section and all the pups and Piggie survived! Piggie was an amazing momma, and the pups are all off to their forever homes so it’s time for Piggie to find her forever home too.

Piggie is heartworm positive and has already started the first part of treatment. Don’t let this scare you away! While the treatment takes a few months, it’s very easy, and we cover the care at our vet, Pennridge Animal Hospital. She needs to stay calm during the treatment and for 6-8 weeks after, which isn’t an issue for Piggie because her day consists of sleeping and eating with tiny bursts of energy when she’s ready for food. But no long walks or anything high energy until her treatment is done.


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