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Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Age:  10 weeks old
Sex: Male
Adoption Fee: $450 

Meet Doc!


This sweet boy is roughly 10 weeks old, and currently weighs about 8 lbs. He is definitely German shepherd but possibly mixed with something else.


His foster mom has this to say:

"Doc is very smart, in only a week he was able to be trained to go outside for the bathroom and learn sit and what 'No' means.  So far he seems great with other dogs and children but does have that playful puppy bite.


Doc does great in his crate, he will cry a little when you first put him in but then will sleep the rest of the night peacefully, and lately with no accidents. He is not a very vocal dog, however we will make some funny noises at himself when he sees himself in the mirror.


He loves to play but is quick to fall asleep after a good game of tug of war. We love Doc very much and it makes us very very sad to have to see him leave us, but unfortunately our own dog does not get along with a puppy in the home. We are hopeful that there is an amazing loving family out there that will welcome this sweet boy into their home."

Due to his breed, we are looking for a home with a yard where Doc will be able to run once he's bigger.


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