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Breed: Hound
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Female
Adoption Fee: $450 

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This is Leia, mom to the litter of Fox Hound puppies!

Leia is super-friendly and outgoing, with our Volunteers have spent a lot of time with her, so they can attest to how sweet she is. She also gets along with her foster's personal dogs.

She needs somewhere that she can be part of a family and put on some much-needed weight. She was only 37 lbs at her checkup last week, and needs to put on 15-25 more pounds to be a healthy weight. Once she doesn't have 10 little vampires sucking all her nutrients, she'll hopefully gain weight.

House-training is unknown b/c she has been kept sequestered in a room with the puppies. Foster mom said she keeps the whelping boxes with puppies clean, only her area she will occasionally poop in, but that's also likely due to the amount of food she's eating. But if let out every couple hour she is usually good.

Update: Some info from Volunteers. . .

"She is really sweet and gentle, high energy, really food motivated. She was great with my 12-year-old and she’s great with foster mom's crew."

"She seems to love everyone she’s super curious of any kids on our walks & actually approached 2 teenage girls for some attention."

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