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Please note: Salfid Rescue is a foster-based rescue. We do not have a shelter or any type of boarding facility to house dogs. All our animals are living in private homes with volunteer foster families.

If you are looking to surrender your pet...

Salfid Rescue is contacted nearly daily by people looking to rehome their pets. We are sometimes able to help but often we are not - in order to accept an animal, we must have a foster available to take the pet immediately. The animal must also pass our intake application - animals must be people-friendly, show no signs of aggression, and have absolutely no bite history. We take the safety of our foster families, including their pets, very seriously and will not place an animal in their homes who we feel will jeopardize that safety.


While we understand there are sometimes very valid reasons for rehoming a pet, we strongly encourage you to reach out for help from your veterinarian, a trainer, and/or animal behaviorist as well as family/friends before surrendering your pet. Pets are family and are not to be discarded; please make your best effort to do what is best for your animal.

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