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Breed: Chihuahua
Age: about 7 years old
Sex: Female/Altered
Adoption Fee: $450 

Meet Sadie! ❤️ She is estimated to be 7 years old and weighs 15lbs.


Her foster mom has this to say:

"Sadie is playful with family & other dogs. She loves to cuddle on the chair or sofa and sleeps in bed at night along with us. 


She will roll over for belly rubs. She can't wait to go for car rides and goes to work daily with us. Sadie likes her soft bed and is hilarious when she moves it to just the right spot across the room. 


We are working on sitting when we attach the lead to go out. She's very attentive. Our chihuahua Honey and her have great games together. She gets vocal when someone comes to the door but is eager for the attention. She will be a wonderful companion for a lucky family. We will miss her, as will our chihuahua Honey."

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