Breed: Catahoula mix
Age: 2 years
Sex: Female/Altered
Adoption Fee: $450 for both

Callie is a 2-year-old Catahoula Leopard Mix, at least that's our best guess! She is so beautiful, it's quite a mystery.

Fun Fact: The Catahoula Leopard is the state dog of Louisiana.

Callie is an incredibly loyal, intelligent, and playful pup. She loves to be by your side, and (unless absorbed in the chewing of her favorite bone) will respond very quickly and cheerily to your call.

She needs to be walked regularly, or else she will get restless and start scratching at furniture and rugs. This is because Catahoula Leopards are working dogs, and were trained to hunt wild pigs and herd farm animals. Due to her herding instinct, she will usually stay close to your side if you are out and about. Since EVERY dog should have daily exercise, this should be no problem!

Callie doesn’t trust strangers, whether they be adult humans that she doesn’t know or other dogs. She’s not violent towards them, unless she feels like the house is being threatened. She will bark at people who approach the property.

She loves to play and will often bark while wagging her tail and jumping around, which can seem confusing to some who think this seems aggressive. Be careful what you give her to play with though, because she loves to tear up her toys (although very rarely tears up anything not given to her). Bones are a favorite of Callie's and provide a perfect way for her to chew away safely.

Her crate training has proven to be exceptional. She may bark or whine at first as she gets settled into your home, but she is very good once she feels comfortable in the space.

Callie is awaiting her forever home and is enjoying her time and learning to be part of a family while she waits !

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