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Breed: Labrador Mix
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Male/Neutered
Adoption Fee: $450 

Introducing Coal! He's approx 2-2.5years old, a suspected Labrador mix, weighs 50-55lbs, and is neutered.


His foster mom has this to say:

“Hi, meet Coal! He used to be Gumby, but Coal fits his color and personality well. He loves to snuggle (all up in your lap) but he listens quite well to commands like “off” and “out” when he’s on furniture or in rooms you want him out of.


He is super smart, has learned “sit, wait, down and paw” in just a week - and he does them 90% of the time even without treats. We are working on off-leash recall in the yard and more polite leash manners - he’s getting there, but he just loves the squirrels so much he can’t help it!


He would do best in a one-dog home for all the love, or a home with a very calm dog that isn’t as snuggly, as he does get jealous. But with time and positive reinforcement he doesn’t snip or gripe at my dog, even if they are eating food near each other. He is crate and house trained, but will need a transition to be with a new dog as he wants to be center of attention."

There are no cats in his current foster home, but before we pulled him from the shelter in TN, he was in a foster home with cats. Our shelter partner also cat-tested him.


Coal is HW-positive, but please don't let that scare you away. We cover the treatment at our vet in Perkasie PA. It's not a complicated process, he'll only need a couple vet visits over a 2 month period. Once he receives the treatment injections, he'll need to be kept calm -- so leash walks only, no running around a yard, and no rough-housing with other dogs.


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