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Breed: Husky/Shepherd Mix
Age:  about 10 months old
Sex: Male/Neutered
Adoption Fee: $450 

Introducing Keystone! 💙

He is approximately 10 months old and guessed to be a Husky/Shepherd mix. He was found abandoned at a dog park.


His foster mom has this to say:

"Are you looking for a good dog that has the potential to be a great dog? If your answer is Yes, then Keystone is your dog. 


Key is a beautiful dog but he will require more training to fully reach his potential. Key is food motivated which will help greatly with training. He may look full grown but he is still a puppy at an estimate age of 10 months. Key would do best with a yard, an active family and a playmate to help burn off his endless energy. A tired dog is a good dog. 


Having some experience with the husky/shepherd breed would be a plus. He is overly mouthy and would due best in a home with kids over the age of 12. He does not like being crated. We are trying to work on that. At night he is good without being crated. 


With all that said Keystone is a super big love bug who will be a wonderful companion."

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