Baby Girl


Breed: Border Collie Mix
Age: 1-2 years
Sex: Female

Baby Girl is a beautiful Border Collie. She is between 1-2 years old. She came to us very scared and timid but super, super sweet. She is coming around quickly and is learning that we are safe and she doesn’t shy away from our touch anymore. She needs time to trust new people. Baby Girl is looking for a forever family to show her how it feels to be loved. She is doing great on a leash and loves going for quiet, long walks. Loud noise and sudden movements scare her but she is improving daily. Baby Girl is a very calm young dog. She will play with you in small bursts then goes on her own to lay down. She is not needy for attention but will come when you call her for some pets. She is dog friendly and would do well with another dog to show her the ropes. Baby Girl would benefit from a fenced-in yard to run and do her business on her own time vs. on a leash. She most likely came from living in a barn on a cattle farm so we are working hard on the house-training. She is a smart girl and learns quickly. Baby Girl is very quiet and we have never heard her bark or growl. She sleeps quiet in her crate all night and doesn’t mind going in the crate when given a treat. She is not dog-treat-motivated but will respond to people food as treats (hot dogs, cheese). Baby Girl is a working dog breed so would benefit from a job but would also be a great work-from-home buddy as she loves to nap close by. She is a love and will be a wonderful companion for her new forever family.


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