Breed: Lab-Shepherd mix
Age: 1 year old
Sex: Female/spayed
Adoption Fee: $450

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This beauty is Baby She is an approx 1 year old suspected Lab-Shepherd mix. Baby is mama to the Sons of Anarchy litter that we adopted-out in May. Baby was unfortunately positive for heart worm and had to undergo treatment, but now has a clean bill of health and is ready for her forever home.

Baby's foster has this to report:

"Baby has been a pleasure to foster. She loves her humans and follows one of us around the house to stay near. She loves cuddles and pets, and is curious about everything we do. She is a very happy dog always willing to play with you or other dogs.

She does not bark much, however she is on the alert when she hears something; she will perk up and her ears are like little sonars taking it all in. She barks sometimes when playing, left alone, or when people approach the house. She is, however, vocal when she plays. She doesn’t bark so much as makes the growling noises. Sometimes the play can get a little intense at which time we tell them to play nice. She loves squeaky toys, the squeakier the better. She will play with humans as well as other dogs.

Baby takes treats so nicely! We need her to show our older boy how to be nicer when he takes treats. I’ve not seen any food aggression thus far. As a matter of fact we had to sit by her the first few meals to get her to stay at her bowl and eat.

Since it was the Fourth of July weekend when she came to stay with us, she was around several other dogs and people, and did great. Best of all, she did not seemed fazed by the fireworks at all.

We are working on potty training. The good news is that she had found one spot in the house and that’s where she would go. So we now have pee pads there in case she has an accident. I think the big issue is getting her to let us know when she needs to go out.

Unfortunately we do not have any cats nor young child so we can not say how she would be around them. Before we picked her up she was at a house that had cats and had no issues while there. [Note: we can re-cat-test her upon request]

Baby will make herself at home on the couch, and she has slept at our feet at night in our bed. We crated her the first two nights she was here but now we just let her roam our room at night and sleep where ever she would like.

She has not been left alone much since she arrived. The first time we did put her in a doggie play pen when we left, she wasn’t happy at first but then did settle down. Today we ran out for a little while and decided to let all the dogs (her and our 2) loose in the house, and there were no issues.

We have only had her out for a walk once so far and she was not that bad on the leash. She would go to the end but didn’t pull much once she realized there was no more lead. She does great in the car.

I think our 4 year old dog is going to miss her when she leaves us. The two of them love to play with each other and chase each other around the yard. It would really be great for her to go to a home that already has a playful dog, a yard to run in, and someone who could help finish her training."